The Story of Jesus

Narrated by David Suchet and using the very latest archaeological, historical and theological research, this major two part series analyses the key influences to Jesus’ teaching and explores the land in which he lived, preached and encountered the key people throughout his life. This isn’t just a straight retelling of the tales we all know; this is an unprecedented attempt to filter the fact from the fiction, the history from the myth, and the humble carpenter from the son of God.

Nine of the world’s leading biblical experts investigate the true meaning of the 2000-year-old story and, in particular, what it meant to Jesus’ original first century followers. Never before has there been such a thorough, fully realised and deeply considered telling of the life of the figurehead behind the world’s largest religion.

22nd April 2011
Producer/ Writer/Director David Batty
Executive Producers Ray Bruce, Hannah Leader, James A Osmond