Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal

Seven well-known personalities, with differing faiths and beliefs, meet in northern Portugal to tackle a modern-day Catholic pilgrimage. Known as the Northern Way, their destination is the famous sanctuary in the city of Fatima, one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimage destinations in the world. 

Travelling by foot, road and train are actor Su Pollard, who was raised in the Church of England; Jewish actress Rita Simons; Pentecostal born-again Christian Shane Lynch of Boyzone fame; reality TV star and influencer Vicky Pattison, who is agnostic; Bobby Seagull, a practising Catholic, maths whizz and TV personality; Nabil Abdulrashid, a comedian and practising Muslim; and Paralympian skier Millie Knight, who is non-practising Church of England. 

Living as pilgrims, they begin their adventure in the border town of Valenca and over 14 days the celebrity pilgrims will follow the 364-kilometre path as it winds its way south through stunning landscapes, passing places of historical and cultural interest.


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