My Big Gay Jewish Conversion

Simon Atkins’ religion didn’t seem to impact on his everyday life until he met his Jewish boyfriend Matthew, whose synagogue allows same-sex marriage, whereas in Roman Catholicism this is forbidden. Simon embarks on a personal journey to discover if he could convert to Judaism, which is seemingly more tolerant of homosexuals, and whether it is worth sacrificing his Catholic upbringing.

Beginning his quest by talking to a variety of gay Jewish men and a Rabbi in London, Simon also travels to the birthplace of Judaism, Israel. His first stop is Tel Aviv, considered the gay mecca of the world, where Gay Pride has been celebrated since 1979. But in Jerusalem it’s a different story – he’s faced with more conservative and hostile views. As he delves deeper, Simon is hit with big doubts.

If he becomes Jewish he will have to give up the Catholic core belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God - can he do that? And does he even want to?

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This gem of a documentary… is an emotional and eye-opening journey which grapples with faith in an entertaining and moving way

The New Review, The Observer
23rd May 2017