Standing proudly on top of the hill behind Greenock is a metal doocot.

If it’s not too wet or windy, one of the doos living inside will be released, soaring into the sky with only seduction on its mind. Standing poised below, gripping a wire-pull whilst manically talking to his doo or hen is the Dooman.  His sole objective is to pull as hard as he can, catching any love interest that happens to land on the doocot whilst trying not lose any of his own precious pigeons.  

A funny yet poignant observational documentary which offers a glimpse into the trials and tribulations of the Dooman and his biggest foe over the course of a season. This is a film about rivalry, captures, losses and life.

BAFTA nomination announcement:

Executive Producer Karen Emsley
Director Darren Hercher
Editor Dave Arthur
Commissioner for BBC David Harron and Ewan Angus