Dispatches: Let Our Dad Die

Tony Nicklinson has what is known as ‘locked in syndrome” – he cannot move, talk, feed himself or perform even the most basic function without help. The only way he can communicate with the outside world is via a computer which he controls with his eyes. 

In this powerful and emotional documentary, Tony explains why he wants to die but due to his condition is unable to kill himself without assistance. His family are behind his decision but are unable to help because they would be committing murder. On the eve of an historic and deeply controversial legal bid to demand the right to be killed, Tony tells us his story. His journey brings him face to face with his critics as well as hearing from the Greek doctor who saved his life seven years ago and says he wouldn’t wish this condition on his worst enemy.

I thought the film was beautifully shot and directed, perfectly structured and so sensitively edited. I have watched it a dozen times now and it gets me every time I see it.

Daniel Pearl, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4
Monday 18 June 2012 at 8pm
Commissioning Editor Daniel Pearl
Executive Producer Wendy Robbins
Filmed and Directed By Clare Johns
Producer Callum Macrae