David Suchet: In the Footsteps of Saint Paul

When Saint Paul travelled through the Mediterranean nearly two thousand years ago, it changed the world forever.

Now, on a personal journey of his own, David Suchet seeks to uncover how an obscure Jewish sect from the edge of the Roman Empire shattered the world of the classical gods and challenged the might of Caesar, to become the dominant force in Western civilization.

After Jesus, Paul is the most significant figure in the history of Christianity. He was the first international ambassador of this new faith, taking Jesus’ radical message of salvation away from Jerusalem and Judea, through Turkey and Greece, and ultimately to Rome itself.

Following in his epic footsteps, David meets with historians and archaeologists, and explores sites where Paul might have visited, in the hope to find out just what motivated this extraordinary figure.

Years ago, David Suchet read St Paul’s Letter to the Romans and became fascinated with the man who changed Western thought. Suchet doesn’t claim the moment as a Damascene conversion, but he seems genuinely engaged with his subject matter.

Emma Sturgess, Radio Times
Episode 1 23rd December 2012 - 9am
Episode 2 24th December 2012 - 9am
Episode 1 29th December 2012 - 6pm
Episode 2 30th December 2012 - 6pm
Presenter David Suchet
Producer / Director Martin Kemp
Executive Producers Ray Bruce and Hannay Holloway
Film Editor Peter Norrey