Like Me

Imagine that every time you went on social media, it was like being on stage in front of the world.

School is over for the day, and Sophia is straight online with her friends, sharing messages and photos, but then someone shares too much…

In this fast paced short film for schools, the online experience is visualised as an infinite theatre and raises issues of privacy, self-image, friendship, the fear of missing out, and the addictive need for more and more “likes”.

"Fantastic film, so important for teachers to give pupils a safe space to talk about issues around social media #ASEChat for any form tutors."

Carole Kenrick @HelpfulScience via Twitter
23rd January 2017
Isobelle Molloy Sophia
Director Adam Tyler
Writers Adam Tyler, Bob Ayres & Toby Lloyd
Producers Bob Ayres & Adam Tyler
Executive Producers Stuart Porter & Peter Weil
BAFTA Children's 2017

Best Drama - Winner

Broadcast Digital Award 2017

Nominated - Best Scripted online short