On Thursday the 7th of July 2005, four bombs were detonated in central London - three on tube trains and one on a double-decker bus. 52 innocent people were killed and over 700 more were injured in the first ever suicide bombings in the UK. This short film for schools was made to mark the tenth anniversary of that terrible day.

We hear the personal stories of two people whose lives were directly affected by the attacks: Sudhesh, a man who survived being in the same tube carriage as one of the four bombers; and Azuma, a young woman whose mother died in the explosion on the bus.

An expert in the study of terrorism, and an Imam from Leeds (where three of the bombers lived) also offer their thoughts on the possible causes of terrorism, and reflect on how we should respond as a community.


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19th June 2015
With the generous participation of Sudhesh, Azuma, Imam Qari Muhammad Asim MBE & Dr Anthony Richards
Director Adam Tyler
Producers Bob Ayres & Adam Tyler
Executive Producers Peter Weil & Stuart Porter