Understanding Addiction

The first film in our series of nine is an introduction to the concept of addiction, explaining the science behind it, presenting key words and featuring select moments from interviews with seven people who have each been exposed to a different type of addiction (each interview can be viewed in full as a separate film). It covers the original reasons that their addictions spiralled, the effects on the individuals and their loved ones, and how recovery saved their lives. The final film covers law.

Watch it here for free: https://www.truetube.co.uk/film/understanding-addiction

Made in partnership with The Romani Foundation-Help For Addicts:


This is a really moving and powerful series of short films about people’s lived experiences of addiction.

Martin Patterson, New Projects Director at St Georges Crypt
Produced by Alison Green
Directed by Alastair Collinson
Edited by Shazia Ur-Rehman