The Royal British Legion: Black and British, Sacrifice and Service

Seren meets with a group of young Black and British persons each with different heritages – Ghanian, Jamaican, Barbadian, Nigerian, Zimbabwean – to discuss whether people Black people and those from the Commonwealth feel included in Remembrance Sunday, when we honour the service and sacrifice of persons past and present. They discuss their feelings before watching an interview with a Captain born in London with Ugandan and Rwandan heritage, discussing his identity and service. Accompanying Lesson Plans will be coming soon.

Commissioned by The Royal British Legion, this film is available in a KS2 and KS3 version:

The Royal British Legion and Black History Month


Producer and director: Alastair Collinson
Writer: Bob Ayres
Cinematographer: Tommy Chavannes
Camera Operator and editor: Steven Strowman
Presenter: Seren Bowen