PURSUIT 2010-2013

PURSUIT (PUblish SUbscribe Internet Technology) was a research project exploring a new architecture for the internet, based on interconnecting information rather than interconnecting machines. This has the potential to increase speed as well as security for internet users. Internet speed for streaming media, content sharing and uploading/downloading etc is of critical importance to stakeholders like CTVC’s TrueTube, whose main user base – schools and teachers – have a tradition of notoriously unreliable, highly contended connections to the web. CTVC helped define business use cases, developed a publish-subscribe semantic video tool and played a strong role in disseminating the results of the project.

Exploring a publish-subscribe model for the next generation internet.

Press Links
PURSUIT wins Future Internet Award www.ec.europa.eu/
September 2010 to February 2013
Co-ordinated by - Aalto University
Other Partners: University of Cambridge (UK), Athens University of Economics and Business (GR), RWTH Aachen (DE), University of Essex (UK), Ericsson (FI), CERTH (GR)
PURSUIT ran from September 2010 to February 2013