POINT 2015-2017

POINT (iP Over IcN– the betTer IP) is a future internet project following on from PURSUIT which aims to develop technology, innovations, and business value chains for commercially viable IP-over-ICN deployment, based on the hypothesis that many current IP-based applications can run ‘better’ on an ICN-based network than on current IP networks. CTVC's role in the project is to help with developing business use cases and scenarios, defining user requirements and publicising the project and its results. CTVC is leading the trials phases of the project which sees the POINT technologies implemented on a real operational network in Cyprus, and on the experimental BIO Smart City network in Bristol, and tested with real users to see if they notice improvements over traditional internet routing practices.

For more information view the POINT website www.point-h2020.eu

We are excited that the comparison of our solution against traditional IP has unveiled visible performance benefits both for users and media service providers alike

Dirk Trossen, Principal Engineer, InterDigital Europe
Produced By
CTVC Project Lead Stuart Porter
CTVC Senior UX Researcher Ioannis Doumanis
Co-ordinated by Aalto University
Other Partners: InterDigital Europe (UK), Athens University of Economics and Business (GR), Elli (FI), Intracom (GR), PrimetTel (CY), University of Essex (UK), RWTH Aachen (DE)
Funded by EU H2020 Programme