What is Beauty?

We like to think we don’t judge a book by its cover. But is that really true, especially when social media promises to supply instant affirmation through ‘likes’ of our most recent selfie? How much is our sense of who we are based on what we look like, and how can that be disrupted?

Sally Phillips hears from Vicky Balch, a young woman who lost a limb in the Alton Towers rollercoaster accident, and ended up campaigning on disability through a nude photoshoot.  And Rev Joanna Jepson shares how growing up with a facial deformity has made her think deeply about inner beauty, outer beauty, and the fashion industry.

Listen now: http://www.thingsunseen.co.uk/podcasts/what-is-beauty/ 

27th November 2017
Presenter Sally Phillips
Producer Paul Arnold
Jerusalem Awards 2018

Winner - Digital Audio