The Right Thing: The Sikh Whistleblower

Pav Gill, a Sikh lawyer living in Singapore, joined the Wirecard financial services empire in 2017. It didn’t take him long to realize that there were fraudulent business practices going on.

To investigate and examine the financial wrong-doing he had discovered, Pav commissioned an independent report - with damning results.

Advised by his mother, Sokhbir Kaur, a woman of strong Sikh faith, Pav eventually decided to blow the whistle on Wirecard. At which point things turned very ugly…

In conversation with Mike Wooldridge, Pav Gill and Sokhbir Kaur recall what it took for them to do the right thing and expose Wirecard’s fraudulent practices, and ultimately bring down the company – and what the cost was to their own lives.


Listen here:

Fascinating and clear set-up of Wirecard. Pav is a great witness with strong testimonial and it unfolds at a good pace.

Simon Pitts, commissioning editor, BBC World Service
Presenter: Mike Wooldridge
Producer: Lore Wolfson Windemuth
TX date: 25th February 2022