The Right Thing: A life worth saving?

Mike Wooldridge explores another story of faith and hard decisions. When American Beth Ball was pregnant with her first child, she found out that her baby had Down’s syndrome. She was shocked to be given heavy hints that she should terminate the pregnancy.

For Beth and husband Stephen, the next few months were a struggle, emotionally and spiritually. At her lowest ebb, Beth prayed that if she was unable to cope with a baby with Down’s, God would take it away.

But then things were to change for the Ball family – not once, but several times. Among those helping them re-imagine the future was Jack Holm, himself a young man with Down’s syndrome. 

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Heartbreaking stuff. Very moving indeed. Go and win prizes.

Simon Pitts, Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service
6th March 2021
Presenter: Mike Wooldridge
Producer: Paul Arnold