The Assassination of Santa

The Things Unseen podcast from CTVC is taking a fresh and irreverent look at the knotty issue of Christmas and commerce. Following on from their first audio drama 'Oliver Park: The Easter Riots', which is shortlisted in the upcoming Audio Drama Awards, it’s a return to fiction for the podcast normally associated with powerful factual storytelling.

The Assassination of Santa imagines an Angel Gabriel who's gone rogue in a bid to deal with the over-commercialisation of Christmas. He plans to retire, permanently, its figurehead - Santa. The cast includes vocal virtuoso Kerry Shale as Santa, comic genius Philip Fox as Gabriel, and star of Radio 4’s ‘Hudson and Pepperdine Show’, Mel Hudson, as the put-upon Lori. ‘I have to confess’, says Lori in a prayer that frames the action, ‘...punching Rudolph in the nose was a low point’.

Script-writer Alastair Collinson joined CTVC a year ago. Despite winning awards for his writing and having had short films produced, he's predominately worked on commissioned but as yet un-filmed screenplays, so he is thrilled to hear his work come to life in this new medium of audio. The half hour drama,produced and directed by CTVC's Head of Audio Paul Arnold, is available to download free from (it was broadcast on Premier Christian Radio on Christmas Day 2017).


…the play helps the listener to explore the issues in a way which may well help our own thinking on whether our faith is predominantly from the heart or solely in our heads

Norman Grigg, The Methodist Recorder
December 21st
Lori Quinn - Mel Hudson
Gabriel - Philip Fox
Santa - Kerry Shale
Lori's daughter - Rebecca Dent
Additional voices - the cast
Written by Alastair Collinson
Directed by Paul Arnold
Produced By
Paul Arnold