The Age of Revelation

The Prophet Muhammad was 40 years old when he received the first revelation of the Quran during the fasting month of Ramadan.

In this podcast, journalist Remona Aly is joined by three people who have passed their 40th birthdays: Muneera Pilgrim, founder of the former Hip-Hop duo Poetic Pilgrimage; interfaith advocate Ali Amla; and children’s author Abu Shama.

From dealing with their own expectations and societal pressures to exploring the spiritual significance of the age of maturity in Islam, the panel delve into themes of personal growth and self-reflection and compare notes on what it’s meant for them to turn 40.

They highlight the responsibility of teaching future generations and reflect on the legacies they want to leave behind.


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A solitary Muslim at prayer, with light streaming through windows

TX date: 5th April 2023
Presenter: Remona Aly
Producer: Saba Zaman