Liz Adekunle: In Conversation with Amos Ogunkoya

Liz Adekunle, former Archdeacon of Hackney and Chaplain to His Majesty the King, begins a new occasional series inviting celebrities into the studio to understand how they’ve leant on their faith during trying and testing experiences.

To kick off, Dr Amos Ogunkoya joins Liz for a deep dive into the times that have moulded his relationship with faith. After his recent appearance as a contestant on the hit reality TV show, The Traitors, Amos opens up about how he managed to stay true to his values while taking part in a gameshow based around lying and deceit. 

Amos and Liz discuss how being raised in Nigerian communities has helped shape their outlook on faith. Amos reflects on pivotal moments that have sharpened his Christian faith; from studying medicine with undiagnosed dyslexia to working on the frontline during the COVID pandemic, and being appointed club doctor to Luton Town FC – the youngest to hold such a position in the Premier League. 

In this frank conversation, Amos reveals how he found his purpose and how committing to a life of service led to his dream job.

Listen now:


4th October 2023
Presenter: Liz Adekunle
Producer: Ewan Newbigging-Lister