Green Islam

There are hundreds of verses in the Qur’an calling on Muslims to protect the environment. Sustainability has been part of the faith from the beginning. But, asks Zubeida Malik, how are ordinary Muslims around the globe responding to that call?

She hears from Indonesia about the experiences of a local imam trying to persuade his community to help redress the effects of climate change, and she finds out how religious leaders in Zanzibar successfully persuaded fishermen to change their age-old customs.

In England, she visits Europe’s first eco-mosque in Cambridge, a beacon of modern Islamic environmentalism, and Willowbrook Farm, where a Muslim family produce food organically and sustainably in accordance with Islamic principles.

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It’s such a good idea to explore this today.  The timing is fortunate.

Simon Pitts, commissioning editor, BBC World Service
First tx: 26th August 2022
Presenter: Zubeida Malik
Producer: Mike Lanchin