Election Tonight

Election Tonight is a series of hustings produced by CTVC for Premier Christian Radio. Moderators Roger Bolton and Emma Barnett explore key issues with politicians and voters ahead of the General Election from The Chapel, Methodist Central Hall Westminster. The discussions examine the talking points of the campaign from a Christian perspective.

Our topics include: God and mammon - How can we build an economy which is both prosperous and fair?; Vote for me! First time Christian voters challenge politicians on why they should vote for them; Swords and ploughshares: how should our Christian faith shape our foreign policy?; Health, education and caring for the vulnerable - a Christian perspective on public services; and finally - And God gave man dominion over all the earth – how do we take responsibility for our environment and communities?

Roger Bolton Election Tonight Debates 8th, 10th, 17th & 24th of April at 10pm
Emma Barnett Election Tonight Youth Debate 10th April
Producer Louise Cotton