A Loan From God

Shaunaka Rishi Das, an Irish-born Hindu and Director of the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies, spent many years caring for his wife Keshava, who had chronic fatigue syndrome. In her mid-50s and suffering from depression, Keshava took her own life, with questions over the medical response leading to a traumatic two-day inquest. Shaunaka, who has never publicly told this story before, has found comfort in the Hindu idea that she was ‘on loan’ to him from God and eventually had to be returned. In this programme, he reflects eloquently on death, mourning and letting go from a Hindu perspective, with presenter Mark Dowd, who lost his own brother to suicide.

Befrienders Worldwide provides emotional support to prevent suicide worldwide.

UK-based Samaritans offers a safe place for people to talk at any time.

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Photo credit: flikr/ejeej

Such a touching piece and helpful in terms of breaking taboos and discussing such difficult issues with strength and integrity.

Nikki Morgan, just a humble listener
10th September 2018
Presented by Mark Dowd
Produced by Caroline Donne and Paul Arnold