A Fresh Look at Easter

For most people in the UK, Easter means extra days off work or school, family time, chocolate eggs and the arrival of Spring.

Many have only vague ideas about the true meaning of the most important holiday in the Christian calendar. Yet Easter addresses fundamental human issues that are relevant to all: such as hope and hopelessness, grief over the loss of a child, or the feeling that what has gone wrong in one’s life can never be put right.

This podcast brings together Fr Christopher Jamison, a Benedictine monk and writer and Abbot President of the English Benedictine Congregation; and Bonnie Lander Johnson, a writer and Cambridge academic with a love of stories, history and the natural world. They discuss Easter and how its message of hope can be appreciated afresh through nature, astronomy, stories and art.  Amongst others, they discuss a new interpretation of the Stations of the Cross by Buddhist artist Graeme Mortimer Evelyn.


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Stations of the Cross No15 - Resurrection (2006) Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved · Graeme Mortimer Evelyn www.graemeevelyn.com


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Art work of a man with his arm raised, holding a boy by the hand. The shadow of a cross is visible by their feet.

TX date: 5th April 2023
Producer: Kristine Pommert