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Where was God?


Things Unseen

TX Date

3rd Mar 2022

Writer and Presenter

Mark Dowd


Kristine Pommert


"I think I've knocked on the head the idea that pain and suffering are God's punishment for sin. "

At the age of just 18, and fresh into university, the writer and broadcaster Mark Dowd was put on the spot by one of his fellow students: “If you believe in a loving God, how come your God lets babies die of leukaemia?”

It’s a question which Mark, who was brought up a Catholic, has wrestled with ever since. In 2004, after the Indian Ocean tsunami, it led him on an epic journey through Asia and to the Vatican in search of answers.

Have you ever wondered how a loving and all-powerful God can allow his creatures to suffer? Then this podcast is for you. Released to mark the beginning of Lent, it offers no easy answers – but Mark provides some fresh perspectives which are both insightful and thought-provoking.

Mark Dowd’s book, “My Tsunami Journey: The Quest for God in a Broken World” is published on 11th April 2022 by Resource Publications.