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The Turin Shroud


National Geographic

Nathan Wilson is an English teacher with no scientific training, but he thinks he knows how the piece of linen revered by many as Jesus’ burial cloth was made. And he thinks it’s not a physical sign of the Resurrection. In Nathan’s estimation, the Shroud of Turin is a fake – produced with some glass, paint and old cloth. He sets out on a globe spanning journey to trace its history while encountering a variety of sceptics, archaeologists, religious figures and scientists. By piecing together all the facts and utilising new technology, he attempts to finally determine the shroud’s authenticity.
Nathan is sure it’s a forgery; but through the course of this historical, scientific and religious adventure, will he remain so sceptical? And with new evidence shining light on the subject, will he be proved right or wrong? Or will the Turin Shroud continue to remain a mystery?