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The Essay: Home Sweet Home


BBC Radio 3

TX Date

9th Mar 2020

Writer & Presenter

Madeleine Bunting


Kristine Pommert


"Really excellent. Sustained the idea well."

Matthew Dodd, Head of Speech, BBC Radio 3

The writer and journalist Madeleine Bunting presents a five-part series looking at some of the physical, social and emotional dimensions of what we call home.

She reflects on the huge changes that have been unfolding in the meaning of ‘home’ over time – exemplified by an Iron Age hut in the Hebrides and the little house with the pointy roof that indicates ‘home’ on computer screens. Madeleine also discovers some astonishing historical examples of homesickness, reflects on what it means to be homeless and examines the different facets of ‘homeland’ – from the deeply personal to the highly political. In the final part, she offers a glimpse of what the home of the future may look like.