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Proud and Prejudiced


Channel 4

Executive Producer

Paul Woolwich


Mark Hawker


"...the documentary's most chilling moment came when Robinson, out on a drinking binge, began doing 'humorous' impersonations of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik..."

Andrew Marszal, The Telegraph

This is the story of two of the most controversial men in Britain. Tommy Robinson, a tanning salon manager, is the leader of the English Defence League, the biggest far-right street protest movement for a generation. Sayful Islam, a former tax inspector, heads a small group of Muslim extremists, who have become notorious for abusing British soldiers and burning poppies on Remembrance Day. Both men enjoy a cult-like status with loyal followers, both are specialists in making highly inflammatory speeches and defying the authorities, and both are from the same small town: Luton.
Caught in the middle is Sarah Allen, the leader of Luton Borough Council’s ‘Luton in Harmony’ initiative, the official fight back against the town’s reputation as a hotbed of extremism.
Filmed over the course of a year, this is an intimate portrait of the two men and how a dangerous local feud has become an alarming national drama.
Tommy’s EDL protest against what it sees as the creeping Islamisation of Britain while Sayful and his supporters demonstrate against British and American foreign policy, and urge the overthrow of the government and the immediate introduction of Islamic law.
From rabble rousing on the streets of Luton to extraordinary running battles in London and beyond, we follow Tommy and Sayful as they lead their followers from bitter local disputes, through headline-grabbing national protests to a state crackdown, culminating in banning orders and mass arrests.