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Pilgrimage: The Road to Istanbul



Executive Producers

Caroline Matthews and Colm Martin

Series Producer

Harjeet Chhokar

Series Director

Samuel Palmer


"It’s a truly insightful and enjoyable series that takes a look at how we all relate differently to faith"

The Daily Mail Weekend (Pick of the day)

"…it’s easy to conclude that the sense of peace and stillness that belief can bring is the modern appeal of religion"

The Daily Mail Weekend (Pick of the day)

"Pilgrimage is not one of those programmes that relies on conflict to keep the viewer interested: what makes it really hum is fellowship and camaraderie and the more unlikely the comrades, age, experience and belief, the more engaging it is to watch"

The Daily Mail Weekend (Pick of the day)

"Pilgrimage showed that the questions at the heart of religion are relevant to us all. ...Fatima summed it up when she said “This has been about self-growth and it will remain special to me forever”"

The Daily Mail Weekend (Pick of the day)

Seven new famous faces take to the open road, as they follow a completely different pilgrimage.

This time, in Pilgrimage: The Road To Istanbul, journalist Adrian Chiles, a converted Catholic; former politician Edwina Currie, a lapsed Jew; Olympian Fatima Whitbread, a practicing Christian; broadcaster Mim Shaikh and television presenter Amar Latif, both Muslims; and two confirmed atheist’s, comedian Dom Joly and actor Pauline McLynn; will live as simple pilgrims following an ancient military route to the historic city of Istanbul, which has been transformed into a modern-day path of peace.