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No Satisfaction


BBC World Service

TX Date

8th Feb 2022


Anoushka Mutanda-Dougherty


Kristine Pommert


"A fantastic piece. It struck exactly the right note."

Kaye Wellings, Professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health Research

Sex is everywhere – but not very much, it seems, in the lives of people in their 20s. Research in Britain, the United States and Japan has shown that young people are having less sex than previous generations. In this programme, 21-year-old student Anoushka Mutanda-Dougherty talks to people her own age to find out why.

She meets Kohsuke from Japan, who has high expectations of his ideal girlfriend because of the airbrushed images he sees on Instagram, but feels shy about approaching girls because he doesn’t have much money or a stellar career.

Mercedes and Esme, both from the UK, are wrestling with new understandings of relationships which make emotional attachment frightening; while Penelope and Darren use labels like “demisexual” or “homo-romantic asexual” to explain why they only want sex in very specific circumstances.

And there’s Tory, a Christian from the US, who went from a strict no-sex-before-marriage upbringing straight to hook-up culture – meeting changing partners online for sex.