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My Life: Fantastic Mr Fashion



Executive Producer

Leonie Hutchinson


Will Moore

17 year old Isaac is shy and misunderstood; a result of having Asperger’s and being bullied. But his eye catching clothing designs, make-up and accessories express the true artist and eccentric individual underneath, waiting to burst on to the scene. He has been designing and making incredible catwalk garments since he was 12 years old to help understand himself and overcome the difficulties he’s faced. And he’s determined to make a career of it. Now, he is about to attempt his toughest catwalk challenge yet; can he secure his designs on the Brighton Fashion Week runway?
Isaac will be up against older and far more experienced designers, and to secure a slot Isaac needs to come up with a theme. The only person who can aid him with this is his fashion hero, Alexander McQueen. Isaac turns to Alexander’s retrospective exhibition for inspiration and decides to create 11 designs based on the theme of mental health with his friend Alice.
Will he win his slot on the runway? And if he does, can Fantastic Mr Fashion actually pull it off?