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My Friend Misty


SKY Kids


Will Brenton

Executive Producer

Ian Holt and Fearne Cotton


"I just wanted to say how over the moon I am with Misty. It looks fresh, original and premium and the performances are just wonderful – the kids are so brilliantly natural and their situations are so authentic. You’re making something really special here."

Lucy Murphy, Director of SKY Kids

My Friend Misty follows the adventures of a group of friends who live together in My Street.

As they face potentially stressful or difficult situationsthey are helped by their animated friend, Misty who gives them tips and techniques to help them through. From falling out with their best friend to dealing with the embarrassment of a bad haircut, Misty always knows how to make things better and her top tips can be employed by viewers and parents alike.

Produced in conjunction with mindfulness expert and presenter, Fearne Cotton, My Friend Misty deals with mental health and well being in a fun and relatable way for young children..