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Ian Brady: Endgames of a Psychopath


Channel 4

Commissioning Editor

Emma Cooper

Executive Producer

Emma Loach


Paddy Wivell


Karen Emsley


"Documentaries don’t often unearth stories that make front-page news, but that’s exactly what Channel 4’s Cutting Edge strand has managed to do..."

Neil Midgley, The Telegraph

Ian Brady, psychopath, sadist and child murderer, has been in captivity for nearly 50 years, but he is still a powerful and disturbing presence in the nation’s consciousness.
When acclaimed director Paddy Wivell set out to make a film about Ian Brady’s legal bid to be transferred from a psychiatric facility to a prison, he had no idea that he would find himself witnessing one of Brady’s notorious power plays.
At the outset of filming, Wivell met the solicitors and psychiatrists who’ve been closely involved in his cases over the last decades, many of whom would be speaking publicly for the first time.
But a meeting with Brady’s mental health advocate for the last 15 years changed the course of the film. His mental health advocate is also one of the executors of Brady’s will and recently applied for power of attorney for his health and welfare.
Following Brady’s seizure and the subsequent indefinite postponement of his mental health tribunal, she discloses, on camera, some startling information that appears to present further important evidence of Brady’s ongoing attempts to assert power over the victims’ families.
This film presents the inside story of the Moors Murderer since his crimes were discovered and charts his continued determination for power and control.