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Heart and Soul: The Holocaust Deniers


BBC World Service

TX Date

1st Dec 2010


Wendy Robbins

Programme 1
The last two years have seen an increase in anti-Semitic attacks around the world. They peaked during Israel’s war with Gaza. In Heart and Soul, Wendy Robbins – in the first of a 2-part investigation – finds out to what extent anti-Semitic attacks are  underpinned by attitudes which are becoming mainstream? Is what’s happening a resurgence of the old right-wing anti-Semitism, or something new, connected to hostility to Israel? Whatever lies behind it, she discovers, the uncomfortable consequences are being felt by Jews worldwide.
Programme 2
Denial of the Holocaust may be common in parts of the Middle East, but it is harder to promote in those countries where mass graves exist of murdered Jews.  Instead, there is a variation of it, which some fear could gain acceptance in mainstream society – in a way denial never could. This is the insistence that the crimes of the Communists were as bad as the crimes of the Nazis – which, Jews believe, is a blurring, a manipulation, of the historical record. In this week’s Heart and Soul, Wendy Robbins investigates the phenomenon, visiting Lithuania where 200,000 Jews were killed in World War Two, mostly at the hands of their neighbours, a party of history their ancestors are finding hard to live with…