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Heart and Soul: Haiti One Year On


BBC World Service

TX Date

5th Jan 2011


Edward Stourton

Programme 1
Edward Stourton finds a complex situation in Haiti. The capital Port-au-Prince is awash with international aid agencies, many well known, but some of them evangelical agencies from the United States as much concerned for Haitian souls as for their bodies – and in a country dominated by the Catholic church and the Voodoo religion, often inter-mixed. Inevitably, tensions arise. Meanwhile, the government seems powerless, and one year after the earthquake a million people still live under canvas.
Programme 2
In the second of two reports from Haiti one year after its devastating earthquake, Edward Stourton finds a powerless and mistrusted government; a million people still living under canvas; a ruling elite intent on caring for themselves and staying apart from the suffering poor; a health system only kept going by foreign agencies; security dependent on UN peace-keepers; a deepening child trafficking problem… and every sign that Haiti is cursed, not religiously, but politically and economically.