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Conversion Norway-Style


BBC World Service

TX Date

15th Jul 2022


Maddy Savage


Mike Lanchin


"A reminder of the centrality of faith for motivating consequential human action. "

Simon Pitts, commissioning editor, BBC World Service

In 2007, Christian and Muslim leaders in Norway controversially recognised the right to convert between the two faiths, without harassment or impediment. They also called for all missionary work to be conducted “without force or manipulation”.

Their Joint Declaration was welcomed as an important contribution to inter-faith dialogue in the Scandinavian nation. But it was also seen by some Muslims as recognizing the right to abandon Islam, which is seen as apostasy and punishable as a criminal offense in many Muslim countries. Norway’s evangelical churches felt the document disavowed their central missionary role.

In this programme, Maddy Savage travels to Norway to hear the stories of people who have chosen to convert between the two faiths and find out whether the agreement has stood the test of time.