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Christmas Truce


BBC Radio

TX Date

20th Dec 2014


Nelufar Hedayat


Caroline Donne and Kristine Pommert


Jerusalem Awards 2015

Shortlisted - Festivals (Digital)
Christmas 1914, the first Christmas of the Great War, saw an event which one British soldier at the time described as “a day unique in the world’s history”. British and German soldiers in various places along the Western front put down their weapons and exchanged simple gifts. They sang Christmas carols, buried their dead, and some even kicked a football around.
In this programme, Nelufar Hedayat explores those astonishing events of 1914 and what they mean today – for the children and grandchildren of those who took part, and for youngsters hearing the story for the first time. She hears from the great-great-grandson of the Emperor Wilhelm II and Germans living in Britain, visits the front line at Ypres and attends a youth football event where young people from both sides recreate the kick-about on the battered land above the trenches.