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Christmas Nationwide


"CHRISTMAS NATIONWIDE is coming to a local TV channel near you. If you reside anywhere else, then hard luck, for you will be missing out on what looks like being a welcome addition to your Christmas television diet"

Norman Grigg, Methodist Recorder

In this two hour special, aired on numerous local channels, Alison Hilliard and Gogglebox’s Revd Kate Bottley, with assistance from Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplain to the Queen and to the Speaker of the House of Commons, report from around the UK on the ways in which different Christian communities celebrate Christmas.
We are introduced to Coptic Christians in Stevenage, a Pentecostal church in Birmingham, the Asian Anglican Fellowship in Aston, Greek Orthodox Christmas traditions in London and there is a heart rending story from Syrian refugees talking about the oppression faced back home; for many Christians celebrating Christmas is a crime punishable by death.
It’s a real feast of carols (three of which are sung by multi-record selling ‘The Priests’ in Northern Ireland), hymns sung by school choirs, reflections and readings (including David Suchet orating some of his favourite passages from the Bible). It very movingly gives a clear message about the real meaning of Christmas. A treat for all the family.