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A Long Walk Towards Wellness


Things Unseen

TX Date

20th Jun 2018


Mark Dowd


"Wonderful Podcast. May God continue to shine His Glorious Light on you and keep leading you richly on your journey Mr. Stagg"

Pastor Timothy Dunlavey

Guy Stagg joins Mark Dowd in Canterbury, retracing the footsteps of where it all began, to discuss why as a non-believer, he hoped the extraordinary adventure would heal him.
For Things Unseen he reflects on the rollercoaster highs and lows of travelling alone and without support, near death experiences, the extraordinary characters he met along the way, and the landscapes he encountered. Guy offers a unique and meditative insight into contemporary faith that lays bare his struggle to escape the past and walk towards recovery.
Guy’s book – The Crossway – is published by Picador.