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A Greener Ramadan


Things Unseen

TX Date

1st Apr 2022


Remona Aly


Caroline Donne


"An amazing podcast! I can run it a couple of times a day every day for the rest of Ramadan. "

Faisal Mahmoud, Salaam Radio, Peterborough

Every year during Ramadan, food consumption increases substantially as Muslims stock up for the holy month.

The iftar meals that end each day of fasting can generate huge amounts of waste as families and mosques offer generous hospitality to one another. Much leftover food ends up in the bin, along with disposable plastic plates, cups, cutlery and plastic water bottles from communal meals.

Remona Aly hears from Muslims who are trying to change that, believing that eating and living more sustainably are in the true spirit of Ramadan. She meets Shelina Janmohamed, author, broadcaster and Vice President of Ogilvy Islamic Marketing; Imam Ajmal Masroor; and Mara Whyte, who sees her vegan diet and lifestyle as an expression of her religious faith.