November 2018:


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TrueTube have continued their BAFTA success by winning 2 of 5 Children’s BAFTA nominations:


REPLY WITH A FULL STOP IF YOU GET THIS Adam Tyler, Toby Lloyd, Emily Harrison – CTVC/TrueTube

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD? Adam Tyler, Kim Roden, Toby Lloyd – CTVC/TrueTube - WINNER

ADAM TYLER – What Do You Mean I Can’t Change the World? - TrueTube

ORIGINS Adam Tyler, Bob Ayres, Antonio Rebolo – CTVC/TrueTube - WINNER  

Over 70,000 people have so far watched Jemmar Samuels' acceptance speech for What Do You Mean I Can't Change the World? (watch here):

"I'm just a little black girl from south London, who grew up in Jamaica, and I never thought that my experience of skin bleaching and self-hatred as a black person would ever be made into a documentary, and I'd just like to dedicate this to all the people that bullied me, that told me I was ugly, that told me that my hair was bad, that my skin was too dark. I'd like to dedicate this award to a girl in Year 7, when I was at sixth form, who had been bullied all year long by black boys for being dark skinned and having 4C hair, and every teacher in the school didn't know what to do. My documentary is now in my school and every person in Year 10 will watch that documentary. And I'd like to dedicate this award to my mum and my little sister... I love her and I hope that one day she will realise that her hair is amazing and that it doesn't need to be straight. So thank you!"



3 Wins for CTVC:


Church History in Ten Minutes – Truetube


Heart and Soul – The Right Thing: Bringing Peace to South Sudan – for BBC World Service


What is Beauty? For Things Unseen