My Life: My Big Prom

Lewis is a teenager like any other – he wants to party! But due to a debilitating brain condition, which has left him suffering from frequent life threatening seizures, he has spent much of his life in hospital and missed out on many of the great social events we take for granted growing up. Lewis isn’t alone: there are hundreds of young people like him who have been deprived a bit of good natured debauchery, and it’s especially hard not to be able to attend the rite of passage that is the school prom - which is why Lewis is going to throw a mega prom to rival them all.

Lewis is determined to do so no matter what. He’s calling in all the favours he can from Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw and local businesses, as well as international star Rita Ora (and a few other famous friends). Lewis posted a video online about his condition and it went viral – over 28 million views – leading to Elton John reaching out to personally congratulate him on his bravery and the merits of his prom mission: but with a huge fundraising target to reach and the ongoing battle with his illness, will he achieve his dream?

In Production
Assistant Producer Georgia Smith
Director Will Moore
Executive Producer Leonie Hutchinson