REVERIE 2011-2015

REVERIE’s (REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments) was focused on developing an immersive and collaborative 3D environment to apply to social networks.  The results of this research can help platforms like CTVC's TrueTube to create cutting edge 3D resources for the educational market. CTVC played a strong role in the development of use cases and defining user requirments, led the Dissemination work package, ran the social media networks, built a social media API and connected the platform the the TrueTube platform. CTVC also ran trials with users in schools, and organised a presence at two exhibitions in Manchester.

Creating the first 3D social network.

Project Manager Stuart Porter
Technical Researcher Lemonia Argyriou
UX Researcher Dr. Ioannis Doumanis
Funded by EU FP7
Co-Oridinated by - ST MicroElectronics (IT)
Other Partners: Queen Mary's University of London (UK), Gibson Innovations (BELG), Alcatel Lucent (BELG), Disney Research (CH), Fraunhofer Institute (DE), Institut Mines-Telecom (FR), Synelexis (GR), CERTH (GR), Dublin City University (IE), ISTM (IT), Stichting Centrum Voor Wiskunde En Informatica (NL), Blitz Games (UK)