Things Unseen

Things Unseen is here to grapple with a spiritual climate that no longer fits into orderly patterns. It explores what is beyond the material, visible world. And it does so through an unseen medium – audio podcasts.

In 2013, CTVC commissioned a piece of original research, The Spirit of Things Unseen.

It showed that although many people now reject formal religion, spiritual beliefs remain strong: in miracles or angels; in spiritual forces having an influence on earth; or just in that “there are things in life that we simply cannot explain through science or any other means.”

At the same time, some faith groups are booming like never before.

Things Unseen wants to engage with both groups: people who are merely spiritually curious, and those who still identify with one of the main faiths. And it wants to get them talking to each other.

Talking about things that intrigue most people in our fragmented spiritual landscape: phenomena on the boundaries of religious experience. The big questions in life. And the ethics of our rapidly changing age.

Things Unseen is for people who have a faith, and those who just feel that there is more out there than meets the eye.

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