Meet The Team

  • Caroline Matthews
    Chief Executive Officer

    Caroline is a respected and passionate film maker and combines a strong television background with significant experience of senior management.  She has run large, complex teams in the UK and around the world, including Afghanistan and the Arctic and her network experience encompasses the BBC and BBC Current Affairs, ITV1, Channel4 and Discovery International.

  • Paul Connolly
    Company Secretary & Head of Finance

    Paul has been involved with CTVC and the Rank Foundation since 1979. He started as Office Junior with CTVC and has undertaken a number of roles within the Finance area. In 2002 he became directly involved with the Rank Foundation becoming their Finance Director in 2004, while still very involved in the running of the finance area of CTVC. In 2012 he moved back to CTVC full time.

  • Lareine Shea
    Head of Production

    Lareine oversees all CTVC’s production output and in-house post production. With over 30 years experience in the TV, Radio and Corporate industries Lareine has worked at some of the UK’s leading independent production companies managing a wide range of factual programming including The Murder of Sadie Hartley, Who Do You Think You Are, James May’s Toy Stories, Stonehenge Decoded, Frontier House, The 1940s House as well as the Grierson Award winning, George Orwell – A Life in Pictures and CTVC’s own Separated at Birth.

  • Stuart Porter
    Head of Digital

    A graduate of the University of Bedfordshire, Stuart’s career spans numerous areas of the broadcast arena. A spell as Studio Co-ordinator at stop-motion animation company FilmFair saw him playing with Wombles and balancing Health & Safety and equipment registers.

    Stuart moved into Drama in the early 2000′s with several years as Executive Assistant at Shed Productions. As a freelance Co-ordinator and Assistant Co-ordinator, Stuart has worked on several big budget dramas for ITV and BBC and one off documentaries for BBC, World Service and Channel 4.

    Stuart joined CTVC in 2007 to co-ordinate the teams of film-makers creating content for TrueTube. As the project has developed, Stuart has taken on a more technical and managerial role, also taking responsibility for driving TrueTube into the educational arena.

    Stuart also leads CTVC’s involvement in EC and UK Technology Strategy Board technical research projects: REVERIE(FP7) – an immersive 3D environment connected with social networks; SARACEN(FP7) – a scalable peer to peer 2D and 3D video streaming platform; PURSUIT(FP7) – building a publish-subscribe model for a future information centric internet; PARTEC(TSB) looking at persistent metadata storage within the visual field of video streams.

  • Kristine Pommert
    Head of Radio and Podcasts

    Kristine Pommert is a multi award-winning international radio journalist and producer who worked for the BBC for 20 years, specializing in Religion and Ethics.

    Since joining CTVC in December 2012, Kristine has attracted commissions from both BBC Radio 4 and the World Service.  She has also developed a new regular podcast, Things Unseen, for people who have a faith or belong to a religious community, but very much also for those who are just spiritually curious – or feel there may be more to life than meets the eye.

    She is passionate about multi-faith broadcasting and loves working with “real people”. Among those have been former child soldiers in Uganda and Sikh survivors of the storming of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. High profile guests on her programmes have included the Dalai Lama and Muslim Olympic gold medallist, Mo Farah.

    Kristine is a CIPD-qualified trainer and also a career coach.

  • Saba Zaman
    Assistant Producer - Radio

    Saba Zaman is Assistant Producer for Things Unseen and CTVC’s Radio department. She completed both her undergraduate and post-graduate studies in, The Study of Religions, at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). After University, she went on to work as a news journalist for Reuters, Islam Channel, various BBC Radio departments, and in documentaries for BBC World Service.

    Following several years at the BBC, she was appointed as an Assistant Producer for Channel 4’s pioneering series, Her specialism in Islam, religion and ethics, has led Saba to explore programmes on a variety of topical subjects including, death, holy scriptures, London 2012 and sexual health.

    Outside of work, Saba is actively involved in charitable projects, and is Chair of Women and Girls organisation, Making Herstory. She joined the CTVC team in April 2013.

  • Ioannis Doumanis
    Technical Researcher

    Ioannis has a PhD in Computer Science with specialisation in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Serious Games from the University of Middlesex in London. He has twelve years of academic experience in Higher Education, including six years of Research and Development (R&D) experience in projects supported by both academia and industry. He has worked with conventional and emerging technologies, Virtual Environments, computer vision, web technologies, and in all stages of a project’s lifecycle.

    Ioannis loves games and interactive experiences for mobile and desktop application, and joined CTVC in May 2014 to lead Usability Testing and Field Trials research work on the FP7 project REVERIE.

    Currently Ioannis is developing the field trials for POINT (H2020) and supporting leading usability testing with TrueTube users to help us improve the website and develop new products.

  • Leonie Hutchinson
    Executive Producer for Children's and Features

    Before joining CTVC, Leonie was Executive Producer for Cineflix. where she oversaw series for CBBC, Disney, Five, BBC1, Animal Planet and HGTV US. Prior to Cineflix Leonie was Head of Development for Discovery Networks UK where she was responsible for over 500 hours of factual entertainment content for the network including titles like Snakebuster and Baghdad Zoo, Superhomes, Wheeler Dealers, Thunder Races, Postcards From The Edge and The World’s Tallest Man. She was also Head of Programming for several Discovery Network brands.

  • Alastair Collinson
    Creative Assistant/PA to CEO

    Since studying a degree in Film and Television Production at the University of Westminster on a Gold Scholarship, Alastair has worked as a writer on a number of commissioned TV and Film projects, as well as direct and produce promo videos and award winning short films. He also spent a year working as Assistant Director of Media at a Film Finance company in Miami where he managed social media, helped promote projects and read many (many) screenplays. Using his experience he is now PA to CEO Caroline Matthews and creatively assisting all departments, with particular focus on promotion of TrueTube. On days off he still writes feverishly and likes to headbang at rock concerts when the chance presents itself.

  • Paul Arnold
    Studio Manager / Producer - Radio

    Paul is an award-winning and innovative Studio Manager and Producer, with particular experience in interactive drama, features and promotions. From a background in sound design he went on to direct actors, produce video and create websites and apps for the BBC and others. He has also sung backing vocals for Screaming Lord Sutch.

  • Robert Ayres
    Senior Education Producer TrueTube

    Bob has fifteen years’ experience as a secondary school teacher in Kenya, Birmingham and East London. He was a Head of Religious Education for the last ten of those years, both teaching and learning from the multi-faith environment of the school.

    Bob has also flirted with freelance writing, providing narration scripts for BBC Audiobooks, and one day he will finish writing a children’s book.

    He has been fortunate enough to combine his twin passions of education and writing to become, inevitably, an Education Writer. He is responsible for many of the teaching resources on the TrueTube website, and draws on his experience in schools to advise on Religious Education and all matters pedagogical.

    He believes that education should make people more human. Students should have the opportunity to learn about, and learn from, each other’s stories and beliefs. TrueTube provides a platform for doing just that.

    Bob loves long walks in the country, plays the guitar very badly and is obsessed with Doctor Who (the classic series, naturally).