Our offices in Angel include a fully-equipped audio studio, which is available for hire when not in use for in-house productions for the BBC, Amazon and others.

Managed by our Hillside Productions team, the space is split into a control room (9.5 m2) and recording room (14.2 m2), the former benefitting from large double-glazed windows letting in plenty of natural light. The two are separated by a double-glazed window allowing good sight-lines between them.

The control room will accommodate an engineer, plus two production staff at a large desk. There is room for a couple of guests to sit further back in the room. The recording room has an acoustically-treated table which can accommodate a presenter plus up to four contributors. Talkback is to presenter headphones or to a speaker in the recording room. The room is acoustically treated with a sealed double door opening onto the office area. There is a video monitor in the recording room for use of a voice-over artist.

Tea, coffee and toast are available in our fully equipped kitchen, which also includes a microwave.

A desk and PC in our office can be made available on request.

Our offices are in Goswell Road, Islington, just 5 minutes walk from Angel tube and Islington’s excellent selection of shops and restaurants.