Launched in 2007, TrueTube is a BAFTA award-winning educational content platform with 30,000 registered users and used worldwide. Primarily for use in secondary schools, TrueTube hosts short videos, lesson plans, assembly scripts and interactive materials designed to engage students in discussion of the wide range of social, moral and religious issues at the heart of RE, PSHE and Citizenship.

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BoldFace Productions provide young people with training to develop technical, creative and personal skills through film-making. Through our diverse partnerships – from the British Heart Foundation and the British Film Institute to UTV and the Unit List – we train young people from a range of backgrounds to make outstanding films about issues that they care about.

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REVERIE (2011-2015)

REVERIE’s (REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments) focus is on developing an immersive and collaborative 3D environment to apply to social networks.  The results of this research will help CTVC/TrueTube to create cutting edge 3D resources for the educational market.

PURSUIT (2010-2013)

Winner of the Future Internet Award 2013, PURSUIT (PUblish SUbscribe Internet Technology) was a research project exploring a new architecture for the internet based on interconnecting information rather than interconnecting machines.  This has the potential to increase speed as well as security for internet users. Internet speed for streaming media, content sharing and uploading/downloading etc is of critical importance to stakeholders like CTVC’s TrueTube, whose main user base – schools and teachers – have a tradition of notoriously unreliable, contended connections to the web.

SARACEN (2010-2013)

The aim of SARACEN (Socially Aware, collaboRative, scalable, Coding, mEdia distributioN) was to research and develop a stable peer-to-peer platform to stream standardised, network-aware and scalable HD video content to mobile phones, laptops, HDTVs and even cinema screens. The resulting platform also enabled users to embed complex data in media, so they can stream it onwards to friends across the world while at the same time tracking its whereabouts on the web.

PARTEC (2011-2013)

Funded by the Technology Strategy Board, PARTEC’s (Persistent And Robust Tracking of Entertainment Content) aim was to develop digital fingerprinting and watermarking approaches to support tracking of assets and their metadata. The resulting technology is compatible with existing storage/delivery platforms and can be applied to all aspects of commercial exploitation of film and video content, including theatrical, home entertainment and broadcast.